2018 Resolutions: Shopping, Closet Cleaning & Style

Just being honest here, but I have been semi-putting off publishing this post because I am rarely organized when it comes to shopping and keeping my closet neat and it feels weird sharing advice on this topic. However, I'm trying to be more thoughtful with my purchases and better about sharing content on my site and instagram. I just went through a major closet clean-out and it has motivated me to be better about keeping my space neat and buying things I'll actually wear. Here are my resolutions for my blog and how I shop as well as some advice on closet cleaning.

  1. Buy less "fast fashion" items- we're all prone to an ASOS spree every once in a while, but when I was cleaning out my closet I found that the less expensive, trendier items were much easier for me to part with because there was usually something just a little off about them- fit, color, etc. Besides the fact that items like this are bad for the environment, it feels better to save up for a piece you know you'll really wear instead of buying ten things from a fast fashion store that you'll tire of quickly.

  2. Have a running list of what's actually missing from my wardrobe: I've started to do this already and it makes me feel much less overwhelmed when I shop online. Knowing what you're looking for is so helpful. Also, the more specific the better: right now I'm on the hunt for an everyday black bag with gold hardware, a new leather jacket, and black leather ankle boots.

  3. Be more careful with splurge pieces- In the past, I've definitely purchased things without thinking. Besides thinking it through before you buy, my advice on this would be to keep the tags on pricier items until you wear them so you can sell them if they end up sitting in your closet. I'm really trying to stick to this in 2018 so I can have less clutter.

  4. Research before buying- you never know which website is having a special sale, and googling the name of the store along with "promo code" will more than likely turn up with something you can apply to your order (example: "shopbop promo code"). I downloaded a store's app the other day because they were having a 15% off sale for app users and it saved me about $40. Also, if you've been eyeing a specific item, shop around first! Especially if it's sale season. I returned a dress today because I hadn't worn it yet and I found it on sale for a way better price here. Some sites have better sales than others and doing your research really pays off because it can save you so much money.

  5. Clean out consistently and clearly- having a cleaned out closet makes you feel so much better about your space. Be honest with yourself about what you're going to wear and what fits with your current lifestyle. Personally, my wardrobe completely changed when I moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles but it took me a while to get rid of everything I was no longer using. As of now, I've kept a few pieces on hand for when I visit the east coast, but they're still true to my style. I've gotten rid of everything that no longer seems "me". If you have items that are only for certain occasions (i.e. evening gowns) or are too sentimental to toss (amazing vintage, family heirlooms) keep them in a designated area so when you do need them you'll know where they are and they won't get mixed in with all your everyday items. Find a schedule for cleaning out that works for you- annually, monthly, weekly, etc. and stick to it to keep your space tidy.

Things I got rid of during my big closet clean: jeans that no longer fit, outdated dresses, bags that don't fit my iPhone plus (important to note in case you're thinking of upgrading), stuff that wasn't worth altering, a bomber jacket that was an especially strange color that just wasn't going to be useful ever, tan boots that I hadn't worn in at least two years, t-shirts that I didn't love anymore and some accessories that I'd gotten as gifts and guiltily held onto for years despite knowing they weren't my style. I can't describe how good it feels to get rid of stuff that isn't useful, doesn't fit or doesn't make you feel good!

Blog Resolutions

  1. Sharing my OOTD's every day- I just started doing this a few days ago and responses from everyone have tripled! I love sharing what I'm wearing and Instagram's story feature makes it easy. You can always DM me if you have questions about fit, where I got something, etc. I'm trying to link every shoppable item on my story with the swipe up feature.

  2. Being more consistent in posting- I got way behind during the holiday season last year, mostly because I caught a stomach virus but it was so frustrating not having content to share. I'm trying to be better about planning this year so it won't feel like there's a sudden lapse in posting if life gets in the way.

  3. Traveling more often:I'd love to travel more often and create city guides for you all. I am always traveling back home, but I have been dying to go somewhere new this year! Currently trying to brainstorm ideas on somewhere fun to go with my mom that we haven't been before- DM me your recs if you have any :)

I linked some of the pieces I've already purchased this year that I love below:

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