As someone who wore uniforms most of their life until college, I can honestly say nothing makes me happier than wearing whatever I want.

What does this have to do with working out? Until recently, I have always considered workout clothes to be pretty unappealing. Why would I spend money on something I sweat in? WHY?

A: Because it motivates me to get to the gym, especially during weeks like this one where we are expecting four straight days of rain in L.A. I am *especially* motivated when I find cute workout sets like this one.

One of my new year’s resolutions that I mentioned in my last post is to work out more. I went to my first soul cycle class of the new year last week and am signed up for another one tomorrow. I thought I’d be miserable after last week’s class, but actually left feeling super motivated and pumped about working out more consistently. WHO AM I????? Maybe 2019 is the year of the identity crisis (jk).

I linked some sets below for all you fellow workout fiends out there.