Pumped Up Kicks

This week, I'll be sharing my Fall spurge and save items with you that I not only suggest you purchase (or get inspired by), but that I have bought for myself. I think many of you would agree with me that the most aggravating part of shopping is when something you want sells out, or somehow becomes unavailable. After my sister purchased the Comme Des Garcons low-tops, I immediately wanted the high-top version. The hearts were black instead of red, and would go with pretty much every version of the t-shirt/jeans outfit (and everything else, because I don't plan on taking these shoes off). After finding that Barneys sold out of my size overnight (literally) , I searched high and low via the wonderful, amazing internet (good for your wardrobe, bad for your bank account), and ended up finding them on a website I hadn't shopped on before (yes, there is such a thing).