Back to School

1. Equipment Cashmere Sweater, Net-A-Porter. If you're living in a cooler climate this fall, invest in a cashmere sweater in an animal print that you can wear with a leather skirt or boyfriend jeans. If cashmere is impractical for you despite the upcoming change of season, click here for more Equipment styles.

2. Leather Pencil Skirt, Topshop. I always try to dress up for the first day of class in hopes that it will eventually make up for my oversleeping and running to class in leggings and a t-shirt. This pencil skirt can be worn on weekend dates and is a fall alternative to a cotton skirt.

3. Boutique 9 Silver Oxford Flat, Shopbop. Wearing heels with a pencil skirt definitely looks great, but if you're in a normal college environment it can also be incredibly impractical. Oxfords are more structured than ballet flats, and therefore hold up much better and last longer. The detail on the heel of these shoes adds an edge to the usual oxford flat.

4. Elizabeth and James Backpack, Neiman Marcus. If you're anything like me, you shun backpacks. Seeing Jansports with sharpie marker notes on them makes you cringe and think of middle school. This Elizabeth and James backpack is a Fall splurge for me, but I still plan on wearing it to music festivals, too. It is sophisticated but also perfect for college students.