A Tale of White Shoes.

I'm tired of hearing people proclaim whether or not they will continue to wear white, too, but I figured I'd share my opinion. My first experience with white shoes was anything but pleasant. I had to purchase them for my overly conservative 8th grade graduation that required a white dress (of appropriate length, of course) and white shoes. I dreaded buying those white shoes as soon as I saw the hideous pair that was shown to us as an example of what would happen to our poor feet should we not abide by these rules. Of course, I ended up breaking the rules anyway. Mine had a 4-inch heel (fairly scandalous for a 14 year old) and a wooden platform. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was halfway- rebelling by purchasing these shoes that were not completely, 100% white. Somehow, I graduated 8th grade and was able to kneel during the ceremony. Since then, I have had to purchase white shoes for my high school graduation (I call this Karma) and then, out of nowhere, they were back in style (my high school graduation shoes were Kate Spade bridal in case you were wondering). Of course, my satin covered Kate Spade pumps weren't exactly daytime (or anytime) appropriate, so I would have to invest in the trend much more heavily. I began on the Barney's website, and found Givenchy cage sandals 70% off. They are now cutting-edge but at that time were still confusing people. I found that I needed a more basic white shoe, so I found two pairs at Zara- one pointy toe pump that I wear pretty much every day I'm not wearing the super basic ankle strap sandal. I love all three pairs of my white shoes, and as with all shoes, care for them much more than I probably should. Am I going to keep wearing them? I will probably retire the open-toe sandal once Savannah gets cold (read:never/late November) and the pointy toe pump will be an accent to an all black ensemble. As for the Givenchy pair, they are already in my suitcase for Fashion Week.