Blue Daze

I know you all have also been bombarded with these "8 things every happy woman should have" lists going around on blogs, pinterest, etc. just as much as I have been. The only question I truly related to was the one involving a "uniform". Obviously not of the plaid skirt variety (though now that I say that it is totally acceptable for that to be your uniform this Fall), but more of the day-to-day outfit you wear. I know mine is constantly changing, but as I have recently color coded my closet I can tell you the majority of the time whatever I pull out of my closet is blue. I don't have a huge fixation with jeans, but I have a large amount of denim shirts, striped oxfords (usually thrifted or from the men's section), and blue dresses (that just seem to be really necessary at the time even though I own way too many). My most recent blue purchase? An Alexander Wang "cropped" top. I bought it on a whim online last week, but I'm thinking it'll become a very popular part of my "uniform".

Top: Alexander Wang (also love the dress version) Skirt: Pixie Market Shoes: Dolce Vita (old) Bag: Reed Krakoff