Braving the Bike Short Trend


cropped sweater // bike shorts // sneakers (similar here) // belt bag

Was anyone else's instagram feed filled with influencers wearing these nondescript, mid-thigh length black spandex shorts this summer?? Okay, cool, same!

As a Southern California resident, I am personally very excited about this trend. Bike shorts pair perfectly with band tees, oversized sweaters and even look cool with classic button downs.

They're SO much cuter than your typical workout short but edgier than leggings (and much comfier for summer weather). If you're skeptical about this trend you do not have to invest a lot of money to try it. This pair is one of my favorites and they're only $16! If you want to be extra, you can get the new Burberry pair and do a French tuck with one of your favorite tees for a simple, chic look. Personally I got both because I wear my bike shorts all.the.time. and need some variety.

Shop this look below & DM me anytime if you want shopping advice :)