Cozying up to a New Season: How I'm Prepping my Wardrobe for Fall


cardigan. sneakers. bodysuit. bike shorts. bag- nylon version here & less expensive similar version here.

Los Angeles isn't exactly known for cool, crisp fall weather actually gets a little chilly over here sometimes.  Even though I'm not buying coats and scarves, I'll always love a good chunky knitwear piece and typically invest in one or two each season. I've been very focused on brighter colors this season. Maybe it's a reflection of my mood, but I just can't seem to bring myself to buy anything in a neutral color. I think this is because I've realized the statement pieces I wear over and over again are in bolder hues. I still think it's important to buy black basics (like these bike shorts and this bodysuit) every season, as we all typically reach for these pieces again and again. I linked some more budget friendly options below, which are especially useful if live/plan on visiting somewhere that has actual fall/winter weather!