Creative Corner: Christopher John Rogers

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This year I've decided to implement a new category on my blog. Creative corner will highlight some of my favorite people I've met during my years at SCAD and people that I believe are a big part of the future of the fashion industry. Chris is a good friend of mine, and an incredibly talented fashion designer who already has his own label. Read on to discover more about his designs and inspiration:

What is next season about to you? What’s been inspiring you as you design your collection?

Next season is about pure expression and the assertion of yourself as an individual. There are so many designers creating so many garments, and so many people showcasing their ensembles through social media, so it's really important that the message relay (if you care to relay one at all) is authentic. The idea of things not necessarily being mutually exclusive, embracing contradictory ideas and the multiplicities of our identities has been inspiring me as I craft my collection.


What was 2014 about to you as a designer?

Everything and nothing. I've been more concerned with social issues than fashion, in all honesty.


How do you balance your client and school work and manage to stay focused?

Passion! I really love what I do, despite all of the time and focus that it drains from me. I'm lucky to be able to study what I love, and I always remind myself that I'm doing this because it fuels me. It helps me push through the rudimentary, mundane tasks.


Looking forward in your career, who do you hope to work with and who is your dream client?

I would love to collaborate with small independent artists on custom prints and textiles, and employ artisans from smaller countries and communities to work on speciality handwork. Maison Lesage is great, but there's something really appealing about making something extraordinary out of the relatively under-appreciated. Some of my dream clients are Solange, Yasmin Sewell, Angela Pham, Michelle Obama, and Tracee Ellis Ross. Women who wear clothes with a sense of conviction but ease.


What accomplishment (from 2014) are you most proud of?

Working intimately with Azede Jean-Pierre in her atelier.


What does 2015 hold for you as a designer and SCAD student?

We'll have to wait and see! I'm praying for some amazing things.

to learn more about Chris and his brand visit his site here.

instagram: @expensive

(black & white images by German Roque, color images by Chris)