Creative Corner: PDK Sounds

10943442_10153150412458083_18404375_o Today's Creative Corner profiles one of my good friends I met during my time in Savannah, Phong Dang. Not only is Phong a  talented DJ, he's also very stylish (and awesome to thrift shop with). He's a Savannah native and an important part of its' creative scene. Read on to learn more about Phong's take on fashion and music:

DJ MegaBat of PDK Sounds for Liz Best:

Q: You've played a big part in developing Junk 2 Funk in Savannah. How did you get the idea for this and what is your role now?

I actually was brought on board on the year after its inception. I approach my sculpture teacher that the time, Trellis Payne, who is also the director of the show if I could DJ the next show and she agreed. The next year I was appointed the musical director, coordinating a theme with my music selection and the rest was history. Word got around that the show was a hit and people kept on coming back every year, this year we actually had to add another show totaling 4 over one weekend to accommodate. I am currently working on the 7th annual show for 2015. The title is Insectum and the theme is Bugs.

Ed. note: the event is this Thursday, January 29th in Savannah! Listen to his mix from last year here.

Q: Favorite gig of 2014?

This one would definitely have to go to Savannah Fashion Week. It was such a challenge but so much fun working with all the designers and boutique owners of Savannah. I mirrored my experience in Savannah from what I learned from working NYFW. Junk2Funk is always a fun one too because I get to be as creative as I want!

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment of 2014 professionally?

I think landing Savannah Fashion Week by myself and handling music for 18 designers and boutique all within a month was my proudest achievement.

Q: What do you see happening next year in the music industry?

The music industry no longer supports smaller acts so I think the more indie bands are going to be smarter about the business aspect of their music and promoting it themselves and trying to do things on a smaller scale before making it. I’ve found some great people on Band Camp like Lip Talk! The other side of that I feel as though the bigger artist will have more pull at the record label so their stuff is only gonna get more exposure.

Q: How do you balance your schoolwork and your sound company?

I try not to cross projects between the two but sometimes it happens. I mostly work on homework during the day and music during the night when I’m able to feel a lot of different emotions. I find that it helps me relate a deeper meaning to my music when I have that second wind. And in the morning I review what I’ve made and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad but I keep them all.

Q: How has living in Savannah influenced you as an artist?

Savannah has taught me great manners and to talk to people kindly. I think that this lesson has affected me greatly as an artist because people are more willing to listen to you and your music if you talk to them nicely. As simple as that is, I feel like at the end of the day, that’s what people are going to remember, how you treat them.

Q: What can we expect to see from PDK sounds next year?

More shows and more movies. I am currently in preproduction for a short film called Salach about a man who has to confront his past, 34 years after his involvement in the Munich Massacre. It’s a spy film, a genre I am fond of.

Q: Since this is technically a fashion blog, what is your official 'DJ' uniform, or is it changing constantly?

Black Levi’s, black shirt, badass jacket (important! The venue climate is ever changing), shoes - Nike Airs I am obsessed with these new Huaraches I bought in Cali, black Levi’s and Hermes Terre D'hermès

Q: As a DJ how do you view the fashion world? What is the role of music in the fashion industry to you?

The world of fashion and music go hand in hand. Without one the other would be left inspirationless. Sometimes a designer will work backwards, with a song in mind for a show and work a collection around that, whether or not the song makes it to the runway is a different story. On the runway, music makes the clothes come to life, bridging the designer’s idea to the masses. Fashion is equally as important in music. By borrowing Alexander Wang’s name and putting it into your song you’re valid to roll with the best of them. Louis Vuitton had a renaissance when the hip-hop community embraced the luxury brand. I feel as though music empowers fashion and vice versa.

Q: Worst outfit you've seen while DJ'ing?

A leotard, a bed sheet, and stripper heels walked into a bar..

Q: Coachella or Lollapalooza?

Lolla… better sushi, and above all, better line up.

Photos by KB Ansari.