Exam Season Necessities

1. Something to read (other than a textbook): Personally, I cannot wait to read this book about Diana Vreeland's years at VOGUE. However, if you're not as excited about tales of the magazine world, then pick up something else that you know will get your mind off of school (at least for a little while). There's nothing like escaping reality by reading a good book. Memos, available on Amazon.

2. A Coffee Mug (of course): Chances are, you'll be staying up way later than usual. This means caffeine will be a major necessity. Whether it's tea or coffee, make sure you have a fun mug for exam season. This Alice + Olivia for Starbucks one is a new favorite of mine. These are also perfect for refills, and you  can simply hand the barista your cup once you order. Available at Starbucks & online.

3. Superga Sneakers: If you're anything like me, your heels are tucked away until Holiday party season and you probably won't have a chance to use them until then. Since you're obviously not going to be wearing much other than jeans, leggings, and sweatshirts then why not try sneakers that aren't meant for running? A neutral color will make these the perfect accent to any study outfit.

4. A journal: You may not be enthusiastic about writing, especially with term papers being due, but writing down your thoughts and even just making lists is a serious stress reliever. I just picked up this 642 Things to Write About journal at Barnes and Noble and I love it. It's filled with fun writing prompts and is a great way to de-stress or find creativity for final projects. 642 Things to Write About, Amazon.