Giving Thanks

I know I haven't been as regular as usual with posting for the last week (finals are mostly to blame!), but because it is Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment and say Thank you for being readers of my site. Since starting in February, I have learned so much and can't wait to continue my site. Due to the holiday, I am sharing one of my favorite traditions with you, my wonderful readers. Since I am a serial list-maker, I make a list every year of what I am most grateful for. It's usually pretty long, but here are some things at the top of my list this year:

1. Family: I am so fortunate to be able to visit my family so often and have them live only 5 hours away. The most important part of my Winter break is spending time with them, and I am really looking forward to having them visit me in December.

2. Friends: I love being able to reconnect with friends from all the different places I've lived. I (of course) tell all my friends from home to visit me in Savannah as soon as they can, but when that isn't possible a long phone (or skype) call is my favorite way to catch up. The friends I've made since living in Savannah are also amazing, and despite loving my break, I can't wait to be reunited with them.

3. Savannah: As cheesy as this may sound, I definitely live in the best place for where I am in life right now. I love walking (almost) everywhere, and having the feeling of living in a city that has the perks of a small town. After living in Savannah for over a year, I am finally beginning to feel like a regular at some of my favorite places, and feel like I know my way around (I am  directionally challenged, so this is very exciting). Having Randy live so close to me is also a perk, of course, and I love walking with him to Coffee Fox, one of our favorite local spots.

4. Pets: After dogsitting Higgins and Lilly all summer, I really miss having them live with me. Now that they are back at home in Tampa, I am walking them as much as I can and trying to spoil them as much as possible this week.

5. Downtime: This may seem insignificant compared to the other things on my list, but after a very hectic Fall, I am really excited to have time to read, write, and blog more. Of course, my list-making never ends and I have already made a massive to-do list, but I am trying not to accomplish any major tasks until next week.


Don't forget to check back next week for an updated layout & new posts.

Photos by Joan Fisher

Shirt: Zara Skort: Nasty Gal Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (old) Bag: Alexander Wang