How To: Shop for Band Tees

I know my love of band tees isn't exactly something I keep to myself. My collection has grown infinitely since I moved to L.A., and I've figured out a few ways to keep it growing without breaking the bank.

Below are my tips for shopping for band tees!

Step 1: Shop Local

I promise you that unless you're in a very small rural town you definitely have a Goodwill or local thrift store that has some great finds. Places like this aren't as curated as consignment stores but they're a LOT cheaper and you never know what you may find. Some of my best purchases since I've moved to L.A. have been from my local Goodwill.

Also make sure to hit up local thrift shops when you're traveling! I love having a tee remind me of a fun trip.

Quick tip that's probably pretty obvious- wash before you wear (sometimes twice) and if it smells funky/musty, don't buy it.

Step 2: Pick your band

If there's a band whose music you really truly connect with, dedicate yourself to finding one of their tees because I promise you you'll wear it so much more and it'll be even more special.

Personally, I'm on the hunt for the perfect Tom Petty tee and have been for a while. Of course they're going to be harder to find with his recent passing (R.I.P.), but I know when I find the perfect one, it'll be part of my constant rotation.

Step 3: Don't forget all your options

So of course it's great to buy vintage and it's an awesome feeling knowing no one else at the party will be wearing the same tee as you, but if you find one that isn't vintage, still buy it! Because A- one day it will be vintage and B- Who cares? If you think it suits your style, buy it.

When I buy a vintage tee, I usually do so at my favorite local consignment shop but I've also found some amazing tees on Etsy & Ebay. Etsy might seem like an unusual place to buy a vintage t-shirt but there's quite the selection (and none of the bidding).

If vintage isn't your thing or you just don't feel like dedicating the time to finding one: I love Revolve's selection. They carry affordable brands such as Daydreamer and Junk Food and they also sell Madeworn tees, which I recommend investing in if you're a constant t-shirt wearer.

My top 3 favorite ways to style a band tee:

1. Striped Pants

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2. Denim Shorts

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3. Leather Skirt

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I've also taken some of the work out of the hunt and linked a few of my favorite tees available online below!

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