National Lipstick Day

I'm not a huge make-up girl on a day to day basis, but I do wear lipstick very regularly as I have found it helps hide the fact that I'm not wearing much else (on my face). 1. Marc Jacobs 'Surrender Dorothy' - This coral shade is long-lasting, and Marc Jacobs' beauty products are full of vibrant color.

2. Chanel 'Insolente'- I just recently started wearing this pink shade again and it's become an everyday part of my make-up routine.

3.  Nars 'Barbarella'- I rarely wear peach unless I have a bit of a tan, but this color is perfect for beach vacations.

4. Make Up For Ever '#47'- I found this color at Sephora recently when it was misplaced in the wrong area. After spending 20 minutes trying to find where it came from, I bought the last tube and have been wearing the dark shade ever since.

5. Givenchy 'Hot Pink'- I found this color in high school and bought it before a school dance. I'm usually more of a coral girl on a day to day basis, but I like to wear hot pink every once in a while with a neutral outfit and this color definitely stays on.

sidenote- I've been dying to try the new Marc Jacobs 'color stick'. Let me know if any of you have tried it.