On My Radar

This week has been much more hectic with usual. Exams (ugh) are almost over, but that will bring about the challenge of packing for Spring Break and while that doesn't sound like much of a problem, it will always stress me out (and I'll always wake up in the middle of the night before panicking about forgetting something dumb like a toothbrush or socks). Anyway, these stories have been positive distractions to an otherwise stressful finals week. 1. Nasty Gal Swimwear- They just launched their first line of swimwear, and I'm incredibly excited! The pieces are red, black, and white; an ideal color palette for mixing and matching. View the lookbook here.

2. CFDA Nominations- I always love seeing who is being recognized for their talent. It was no surprise to me that The Row was nominated for accessories, and I love seeing newcomer Rosie Assoulin being inlcuded as well (see a full list of the nominees here).

3. "Bossy" PSA Video- This video includes Beyonce, Condoleezza Rice, and others banning the word "bossy" and encouraging girls to be leaders (view here), and it's totally awesome.

4. Random Purchases: While on the hunt for a lucite tray for my kitchen, I kept getting annoyed by the prices on some home websites so I turned to Amazon, and of course found it for much less. While on Amazon, I also bought these (in the vivid pink/black color combo)- I haven't been into the shower shoe trend but  I'm really in need of some shoes to walk Ollie in that can't be so embarassing that when I forget to change shoes before I leave the house I am instantly embarassed to be seen in public.