Park Central

No place is more relaxing than a park. While that may sound like a cheesy saying waiting to be embroidered onto a pillow, I actually feel this way. When Mimi told me about Carl Schurz Park, I happily jumped onboard (and into a cab). I didn't expect the last minute New York chill ( said nothing about this), so after a last minute scarf purchase, we were on our way. This weekend, I am back in Savanah and going to Forsyth park (a little less glamorous, but still beautiful), and trying to get used to my short(er- still a little long) hair. What are you up to?  

Photos by Mimi. Top: Kenzo, Opening Ceremony Shoes: Miu Miu Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old) Scarf: Zara Bag: Marc Jacobs