Plane Essentials

As my short trip to New York for Fashion Week comes to a close (sadly, I'm leaving Monday morning!) I thought I'd share with you what's always in my carry-on. 1. Lucky Magazine: I can't even explain what an amazing job editor Eva Chen has done in revamping the magazine. The March issue does not disappoint, and Zooey Deschanel's interview is adorable.

2. Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon: I used to be completely against any digital form of books, but then I realized how much it would lighten the crushing weight of my carry on, and I decided to give it a try (and now I'm totally hooked!). Also, it has a built in light in case the person you're sitting next to is trying to sleep!

3. Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder, Sephora: Okay, so I might actually be checking this item because Sephora did tell me it was hazmat when it was shipped, so I'm guessing that could cause some issues at security. However, if you're like me and feel like your hair never has texture, this is a great product. It's also for those of us who tend to oversleep and have to delay washing our hair. Oh, and I may have already ordered a new bottle to come home to in case I run out after my trip.

4. Kettle Chips Salt & Vinegar: I'm completely addicted and always buy a bag of these before a flight. Healthy? No, but the strong taste definitely keeps me awake and they pair perfectly with my Starbucks Iced Tea.

5. Warby Parker Glasses: I usually have to take out my contacts at some point during the travel day because eye drops just won't cut it. This is my latest pair of glasses (after being seriously overdue for an upgrade), and I love the blue color. (available in stores or online)

6. Ole Henriksen Face Wipes, Sephora: These smell amazing and don't leave my skin with the icky film that most make-up wipes do. I like to clean my face after flights, even if that means reapplying my make-up.