Scarf Season

  The only good thing about colder weather is the clothing that goes along with it. As someone who lives in a climate that is rarely cool enough to fully bundle up, I often make do by wearing scarves. My scarf obsession has become a collection- vintage (sometimes smelly, but usually they air out), new, and some that I've had for so long that their origin has been forgotten. Scarves can be worn with maxi dresses, long skirts, t-shirts, flannels and over coats (duh). An investment scarf like this Isabel Marant piece is going to last much longer than its counterparts, and can be especially useful on freezing cold airplanes. The Phillip Lim for Target piece is trendier, but a fun addition to an otherwise simple outfit. Having recently bought the plaid Zara scarf, I can say it's oversize in a good way- meaning it can double as a blanket.

1. Zara, 29.90 2. Phillip Lim for Target, 19.99 3. Isabel Marant, $190 4. Zara, 49.90