Skort Story

Before last week, I hadn't worn a skort since my (short-lived) days of tennis playing and middle school uniforms. Lately, however, these half short/half skirt concoctions have become a trend. With the 90's comeback comes an array of styles from early 2000, and with it various options from most fashion retailers. I thought this Nasty Gal skort was (slightly) different from the overworn Zara alternative due to the leather trim at the top. The red color is also better than black or white (the beige would match the color of my legs). I'm officially a convert to the skort world, and will say they are much easier to wear than skirts. My only question is, can they be worn with tights?

Photos by Mimi Best. Top: Topshop Shoes: Zara Skort: Nasty Gal Bag:Alexander Wang Necklaces: J.Crew, Vintage (penelope t)