I've never been a huge Halloween celebrator. While I'm always willing to partake in any holiday that involves mass amounts of candy, I'm usually not dressed up or at a Halloween party. I distinctly remember having a paper due the day after Halloween in middle school, which of course meant I could not partake in trick-or-treating, and not being upset about it at all. In fact, I much preferred staying home and handing out candy than walking around asking for it. Of course, my very generous sister was very generous and made sure to collect as much sour candy (my favorite) for me as she could during her Trick-or-Treat travels.

However, this dress changes things. It may not necessarily define Halloween, or really even be a costume- but it totally looks like one, and I'm going with it. It is by Daniel Palillo, an artist who is heavily inspired by Kurt Cobain and other 90s icons (see his Bring it on dress). The oversized silhouette of this dress has a ghost-like effect (especially paired with my skin that refuses to tan), and has the word "Spirit" on it, so I guess I'm "going as" (though this would imply that I'm going to be heavily engaged in Halloween activites, which I will not be) a ghost of 90's hits, specifically Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Happy Halloween!

Dress: Nasty Gal Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Bag: Lauren Merkin

Photos by Joan Fisher