Freshly Picked

Chances are you're freezing right now. If you're anything like me, it was all fun and games at first, pulling out those thermal leggings and warm coats you wear about once a year, but now you've just about had it with Winter. At this point, I'm about to lose it. Thinking about Spring Break makes me sad, and thoughts about my trip to New York next week just make me nervous about the possiblity of another blizzard (in case anyone forgot, there were 2 last year during Fashion Week). I've found that the only way to cope (besides hot cocoa and lots of blankets) is imagining my Spring wardrobe and taking advantage of every shopping site's "New Arrivals" section- none of which are filled with coats. These new J.Crew/New Balance sneakers come in some awesome color combinations that can work now or later, because first of all they're sneakers and pretty much always useful and more practical than heels, and second of all who doesn't love opening up their closet to a pair of bright sneakers (personally they would be a standout amongst all the black boots I have laid out in mine right now). Equipment shirts are always a favorite, and I love seeing a star print in colors that would make the item wearable not just in July. I just purchased this skirt, as I don't see pinstripes going anywhere anytime soon, and think that the print is completely wearable in any season. As for the shades, they're colorful and bright green- which is probably nothing like your surroundings right now. Top: Equipment

Skirt: Nasty Gal

Shoes: J.Crew Exclusive

Shades: Pixie Market