Steps to Simplicity

Getting organized is about as hard as it is easy to be disorganized. Did that make sense? Anyway, as someone who usually does their work while sitting on their couch or bed, I recently worked from my desk (which was really being used as  a display space for recent purchases and basically all kinds of randomness) and I thought that perhaps it was time to join the grown up world  of desk users. Of course, this would mean clearing off valuable clothing storage space, but I decided the productivity alone would be worth it. After lots of work, it is almost unrecognizable- a completely clutter free zone filled with practical items such as planners, books, and note cards. My next step was to clear off the (very) small table next to my desk that had also become a shrine to stacks of sweaters (remember how Carrie Bradshaw stored them in her oven? Consider this my oven), and put some of my favorite books in their place, making it much easier to use them for reference. I can't say I'm as chic as Carrie was while she looked out her apartment window and typed her words of wisdom, but my desk is definitely neater.