Sweat It Out

Usable collage sweatshirt Even though most places aren't experiencing cooler temperatures (yet), the sweatshirt trend can be a a useful way to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall/Winter. They're perfect with jeans, flouncy skirts, and even leggings for when you're feeling extra lazy. Sweatshirts are no longer part of the athletic uniform as they've made an appearance on several key designers' runways. In case you haven't invested in one yet (or even if you have), here are some of my favorites (at various price points)

1. Quilted Sweatshirt, asos: This is definitely my next purchase from the ever affordable site, ASOS. The colorful front will be the perfect addition to any pair of grey pants or boyfriend jeans and the less than $60 price tag is awesome.

2. Number Sweatshirt, Front Row Shop: I know you're sick of hearing about my love for plaid, but this top isn't 100% pattern, and has a cool graphic number detail on back.

3. Burnout Sweater, Robert Rodriguez: Definitely the "it" sweatshirt if there ever was one, as it has been seen on celebrities and in magazines, but I still think it's unique. Imagine this paired with a tutu skirt for a night out or with cutoffs for a walk in the park.

4. Plain Blue Top, Zara: I am guilty of purchasing this the first day Zara had it in stores, and I still wear it often. It unexpectedly seems to go with everything, and even if it doesn't 100% match, it still works. It's also a cool shade of blue and has black and white stripes on the sleeve, therefore never having to be mistaken for navy when your closet light inevitably goes out.

5. Senior Sweater, Nasty Gal: I'm not a senior, but if I was (in high school, college, grad school,etc.) I would wear this constantly. A reminder of your superiority (or an ironic comment if you're a freshman) this will be a fun momento down the road that is much more wearable than any sports team t-shirt you ever received.

6. Floral Acne Top, Net-A-Porter: Most likely my splurge of the season (though I haven't purchased it yet), I absolutely love thie top. The patterns lends itself to any season, as do the various shades of lilac and grey. Having tried it on myself, I can assure you that it is fleece lined and very comfortable.