Sweater Weather

Is it too soon to wear a sweater? I don't think it ever is, because when paired with skirts or shorts in not-Fall weather then they can be transitional pieces that let everyone know you're not stuck on Summer. This MinkPink version existed slightly before crop tops became the norm. After continually wearing it over dresses and with maxi skirts, I finally decided to wear it in it's intended fashion. As my trip to New York approaches (actually, my flight is in just a few hours), I bought some boots last weekend in a color I usually never wear- burgundy. I tend to think it is best left to Brunettes, but salespeople can be so convincing. Also, the $80 price is much more reasonable than most. They come in black too, for those of you not yet wanting to cross over to the slightly less dark side.

Photos by Mimi Best. Sweater: MinkPink Skirt: Asos Shoes: Nordstrom Bag: Alexander Wang Necklace: Urban Outfitters