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a rare photo of my hair/skin behaving at the same time!

a rare photo of my hair/skin behaving at the same time!

current faves as of March 2019:

MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION (this stuff works wonders overnight)







CLEANSING- My beauty routine ebbs and flows with the season- I want way more coverage in the Fall/Winter and almost no product in Spring/Summer. This means that I’m typically more focused on my skincare routine as the weather warms up. I am in love with all Tata Harper cleansers- this one is my current fave- formulated to protect your skin against pollutants, it’s become a necessity for me since living in L.A.

SKINCARE- On that same note, I received this Cocokind Rose Toner from my lovely friend and it’s awesome! It’s like an upgraded Witch Hazel with pretty packaging and super gentle on skin. I’ve used this every night after I wash my face to make sure all my make up is removed.

EYES- With all the travel I’ve been doing lately (more on that later), I’ve been doing anything and everything to avoid the puffy eye look. A longtime favorite of mine is Sunday Riley’s Auto Correct. I swear it works wonders and has decreased my eye bags over time, but it’s also expensive, which has led me to consider this less pricey new one.

CONCEALER- After years of searching, I have finally found an amazing concealer. It’s all natural, vegan, and not tested on animals. Do I keep a separate container of it in my purse and another at home? YOU BET.

HAIR - I recently received a Dyson hair dryer as a gift and could not speak more highly of it. Because the heat is less harsh than other dryers, my damaged hair has been loving it and growing faster. Obviously, the less heat the better, but I would totally recommend the Dyson for those of you who use heat daily. My hair was doing this amazing soft wave thing when I was in Hawaii last week, but for now it is back to being fragile AF - kinda like me trying to face reality after vacation.

ANTI-ACNE- As usual, I’ve been experiencing a few pimples here and there (typically depends on my diet/how much I am flying), and I’ve relied on my forever favorite acne fighting product, drying lotion. I don’t think this stuff will ever cease to amaze me, which is probably why I tell pretty much every stranger about it whenever they compliment my skin, whether or not they care.