Ways to Wear: Turtlenecks

While my winter wardrobe is slim compared to my Summer wardrobe, it has definitely been expanding lately. I've realized that a good,basic coat is the perfect layering piece to less winter-y pieces such as white dresses or leather shorts. Being from Florida, there's always been a lack of one winter staple: turtlenecks .As a child, I blamed them for making me look so dorky (perhaps it was the girl bowlcut), and identified them merely as accessories to my overalls and jumpers. In recent years, I've been gradually bringing them back into my wardrobe with chunky, knit versions. However, due to living in Savannah, this means they aren't worn too often. Lately, my solution has been to come to terms with my weather situation and buy lighter weight versions of Winter wardrobe pieces. Case in point? This pink J.Crew item. I thought it's shade was going to be of the pastel variety, but I couldn't resist the bubblegum pink color, similar to the shade of pink of an old princess Halloween costume I wore fifteen years ago. Recently, I've paired it with a quilted skirt (see pictures) and jeans (post coming soon), but can't wait to find more options in my closet. Next up on my sweater wishlist? This Suno knit top.

Skirt: Forever 21 (old) Shirt: J.Crew (sold out, similar here) Coat: Asos (half off!) Bag: Phillip Lim

Photos by Joan Fisher