Weekly Wonders

Being in Los Angeles this weekend has gotten me a little off schedule (mostly because of the time difference), so I am late with this post but here's what's been on my mind this week: 1. Lucky FABB: This conference has been so fun and I've loved being in L.A. Hearing Nicole Richie and Sophia Amoruoso speak was a dream come true (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds), and I have so many new ideas for my blog. Of course, I also made time for shopping (more on that later).

2. New Etsy Finds: After a recent room reorganization, my dressing table has now been moved to one of the few spaces in my room without any wall art. Needing some inspiration, I went on Etsy and found this amazing print shop, where I ordered a few new items for my empty space (pics coming soon!). Check it out here.

3. WSJ Article on Saks Revamp: Whether or not you shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, this article was fascinating. It focused on their redesign and overhaul of their current merchandise. Read it here.

4. The perfect pair of Mary Janes: After dropping Ollie off before my trip, I was conveniently close to a Saks Outlet and found this amazing pair of Prada shoes. An early birthday present to myself, I can't wait to wear them with everything. Pictured on my instagram here.

5. Closet Organization Video: I wish I had a closet that allowed me to use wallpaper, but this video was inspiring nonetheless and a great tutorial for those into Home DIY. Watch it here.

PS- I'm loving these pics from my interview with Her Campus! Read the article here.