Weekly Wonders

1. Alexander Wang x H&M: Woke up this morning to a million texts about the collaboration (which was announced at 2:30 am last night, way past my bedtime), and I couldn't be more excited! Already thinking about planning a weekend trip around the release date. More details here. 2. This Zara Dress: I have about a million striped dresses, but this one just seems so different. It's been in my cart for about 4 days, and I think I'm going to make the purchase today (it's only $35.99, by the way). Shop it here.

3. Dog Love: NY Times Article: Ollie is, by far, the best (and cutest) present I have ever received. I love walking him every day and meeting other "dog people"- they usually have great puppy advice and have made Ollie the most socialized dog in the world.

4. The No-Shower Shower: This sounds weird, but read the article (here) before judging. The washing your face without using water trick sounded really weird to me at first, but I'll definitely try it next time I have a super rushed morning. (via Refinery29)

5. Birthday Week: Turning 21 this week has me super excited (and feeling old), and I think I've bought about 3 different outfits for the occasion.

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