What Should You Be Reading?

1. Yves Saint Laurent, Amazon. I am a firm believer in buying books that will not only look good on coffee tables, but also hold an important piece of history. As we all know, Yves Saint Laurent is now Saint Laurent. This book is a wonderful reminder of the company's beginnings and is much cheaper than a YSL bag.

2. Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? Mindy Kaling, Amazon. If you haven't read this book, go buy it now. Like actually get up off your couch, get in the car, and go buy it. It's that good. As an avid reader, I can honestly say it is the funniest book I have ever read. I subsequently got hooked on The Mindy Project after finishing this book because I was having Mindy withdrawals. Also, who else would write a book with clever titles such as "Why Do Men Put On Their Shoes So Slowly", and "Types of Women in Romantic Comedies Who Are Not Real"? No one (but Mindy). PS- The title may read like a self-help book so if you're going to be around non-Mindy/Office fans, you're going to have to explain your reading choices.

3. The Silver Star, Jeanette Walls. Okay, so I haven't read this one yet. With several projects looming, it is still on my nightstand, waiting to be read. It is about two young girls who are left by their mother and decide to move to Virginia to live with their Uncle. Jeanette Walls' name sounds familiar because she is the auther of The Glass Castle, which is the whole reason I bought her second book without reading the inside cover.

4. Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman, Amazon. Because, really, how do you live with yourself if you see the movie before reading the book? That may sound dramatic, but personally I read this book cover to cover before I even knew it was going to be made into a movie. Sadly, I was forced to wait until the DVD release (it's now available on Amazon Prime) due to the fact that it was shown in "limited locations". The book includes accounts of Bergdorf's early days from Fashion legends such as Michael Kors, Mickey Boardman, Marc Jacobs and most importantly both Olsens.